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The Valencia public transportation services offer several multiple-use tickets to economize on city transportation. All multiple-use tickets for EMT bus as well as for subway (Metro), are known as Mobilis EMT or Mobilis Metrovalencia. Mobilis EMT cards come only in plastic format. Mobilis Metrovalencia. in either of two formats: cardboard or plastic. You can also associate a Valenbisicity bike rental pass to the Mobilis.

See following sections on where to purchase your Mobilis and get reloads for bus, subway/streetcar tickets, and Valenbisi passes.

The first time you buy Mobilis you will be charged the price of a 10-ride fare on your chosen form of transportation (i.e, bus, subway), plus two Euros for a plastic card. These plastic Mobilis cards can be personalized and registered at no extra cost by calling EMT Customer Service at 900-158-515. If your registered Mobilis is lost or stolen, you can call up, cancel the remaining number of rides on your card and get them back on the new plastic card that you acquire.

All reloads must be in multiples of 10 rides. You can simultaneously load the same Mobilis with several different types of fares (e.g., bus and subway zone A).

City Bus.

EMT (Empresa Metropolitana de Transportes) bus ticket fare types.

TIP: Before you invest in an Abono Transporte pass, try to figure out just about how much you will actually be using the bus and subway. An Abono Transporte  takes 2 weeks to process. Sometimes using a Bonobus works out better in price.

City subway.

El metro has 3 operative lines that link the outskirts to the center of the city. Some lines act as commuter trains to outlying towns from downtown Valencia, and provide frequent, clean, safe and cheap transportation to these places. (We suggest any of the small towns along the lines as an independent afternoon side trip.) Tickets are purchased on entering the subway. Prices depend on which travel zone you want to go to. Check the website.

El tranvía has 3 operative lines that serve very limited areas of the city. Tickets are purchased in machines at streetcar stops. Prices depend on where you want to go. Metrovalencia Mobilis cards are valid; and you can switch from subway to streetcar, or the other way around, just as you could from one subway line to another. You just have to feed your card into the transfer validation machine before boarding. (If you want to combine bus use, buy a Bono Transbordo or Abono Transporte).

FGV (Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat Valenciana) ticket fare types. . Metrovalencia Mobilis can be purchased and reloaded in any vending machines or at the ticket window at subway/streetcar stations and stops.

City bike rental.

Valenbisi ( ) is the city bike rental system: weekly rates, although the yearlong pass is the best deal, and it entitles you to an unlimited number of under-30-minute uses. Going over 30 minutes costs extra: check the above website. When you purchase your pass online, you can link it to a Mobilis bus or subway pass.

The website also includes bikeways and local traffic rules. Please make sure that you read these!

TIP: You can check online and in real time which stations have bikes available, and equally important, which ones have available stands to return yours when you get to your destination. Drop-offs in the area of school can be difficult sometimes, so allow yourself plenty of extra time so you’re not late for class or activities.

Taxis. are the most expensive form of public transportation in the city, but are certainly not ruinous. Sharing a taxi is a good idea, since fares are based on the ride and not the number of passengers. 4 passengers in a cab can cost each person less than a bus ticket! Cab drivers are usually efficient, courteous, and trustworthy.

Taxis work on a 1-2-3 fare system. Fare 1 is for within Zone A (city limits) during the week and during the day, until 10p.m. Fare 2 is for during the week within Zone A (city limits) at night, after 10p.m. Fare 3 is for within Zone A (city limits) on Sundays and other holidays at all hours, and for Zone B (outside city limits) 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The type of fare you are being charged at any specific moment must always appear on the meter. 

*Minimum cab fare in Valencia is 4.00€ on weekdays, 6.00€ weekend and holiday nights, even if the meter says less. 


-From the airport: supplement of 5,90€.

-From the city to the airport: Price starting from 12€

-From the port or train station: 2,95€.

*Prices subject to change without previous notice by the Asociación Gremial de Taxis de Valencia.

TIP: Add these phone numbers to your cell phone address book! They’re available 24/7.

TELE TAXI: 96-357-1313

RADIO TAXI: 96-313-4422

Airport transportation.

Subway Line 3 (red) and Line 5 (green) run from the airport through downtown, and on to different areas of the city. Trains run about every 15 minutes between the hours of 6a.m. and 10p.m. Airport to Center City is Zone AD fare. ( )


TIP: The metro option is fine for weekend travel or for meeting someone at the airport. However, for security reasons we do not recommend if you are loaded down with lots of luggage.